CMAUSA pricing is not listed here for a reason. CMAUSA believes that prospective students should come in and see for themselves what our school has to offer. There are such big differences between schools that shopping around by phone or internet for the lowest cost can lead to “an unsatisfactory experience”. Although cost is an unavoidable consideration it is only one factor in determining value before one commits to a particular school. On the other hand, choosing an expensive school because you think it must be the best can also lead to a bad experience. You could get stuck with a long-term, unbreakable, and expensive contract to a school you really don’t like or want to attend long term.

Deciding on one school over another should be a personal decision based on how the school feels and what you think of the instructors, facility, curriculum, and other students in the school. Beware of schools that do not allow you onto the training floor before signing on the dotted line or ones that give you a 10-minute free class without letting you see real classes in action. We encourage all prospective students to attend at least a class or two to see if the school is a good fit for them.

Real classes with the other regular students will provide a first-hand view of what takes place in a Martial Arts work-out environment. At the same time, meeting with the other regular students and instructors and asking them questions can create an understanding and feeling for the different types of training activities. We assure you our price structure at CMAUSA is affordable and we will answer your entire question upon your first training visit as our guest, no obligation. We at CMA USA encourage you to visit our school, train with us, ask questions, and get to know us. You will then be in a good position to make a decision about your future martial arts training.